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That's Furred Up! That's Furred Up!

The Suit

See my suit photos in the photo gallery!


Do's and Dont's

Take pictures! Take all the pictures. Post them up. Send them to me. Feel free to stop me and ask me to do some silly pose or whatever. Or at least I'll try to! There's no point in having the suit if I'm gonna be the only one to see it.

Hugs! I'll gladly hand out hugs as requested. Make sure I can see you first, I'd rather not have people I don't know tackle me from the back or me trip over someone below my vision.

Personal interaction. Honestly a cramped con floor is not the best place for all kinds of interactions. If I know you well enough, and you have an idea for photos I'm interested in, we could go off to a side room or back to a hotel room to plan out some shots that there isn't space for or the crowd would ruin.

Tired. I tend to not be the most physically fit and will suffer fatigue like any other person. If I'm having a hard time getting around and can't stop for you, please don't force me to stay. I probably need a break.

Much like the above, fursuits are hot. If I'm trying to get away to try and cool off, I'm sorry to have to leave so soon. I'd rather not have to seek medical attention.

Please don't shove. It's hard enough to see in this thing, so if you are needing to get by just give me a tap. I'd rather not loose my balance and fall, hurting myself, someone else, property, or the suit.


These are the conventions I've suited at. Check the gallery for photos. There may be more cons in the future!

Anthrocon 2018, 2019, 2020

MFF 2018, 2019, 2020?

AnthrOhio 2018

IndyFurCon 2018

Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019, 2020

FurReality 2019, 2020

20XX : Planned Attendance